Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Non-musical records

So, the first proper post is about some non-musical records. These are records I've picked up with the attention of sampling them. I've got a few others, but these two are my favourites.

Danny Kaye - The Big Oven (Gala Goldentone, 1963)
I found this first one whilst digging in a favourite spot of mine. What first attracted me was that it is a recording of a story written by Tolstoy. That was enough for me, but after pulling it out of the sleeve I found out it was bright orange (the photo makes it look red, but trust me when I say it's orange!), 6" and plays at 78 rpm. A lovely, quirky little record, and a great story. Read it/listen to it is you get the chance!

The Big Oven

Dick Bentley - Ali Baba (HMV Junior Record Club, 1960)
This one was from the same shop, although I found it on another occasion. Again, I was looking for records with speech for sampling, but it's another nice story on blue vinyl.

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